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  1st Sept was Bhavana Sharma’s Birthday and 4th Sept was Tushar More’s birthday.

4th September –5th September is Teachers’ day - We celebrated the day on 4th since 5th was a Saturday and a weekly off. Students brought flowers to present to their teacher and other staff members. During the next half of the day we had a little celebration. Two students delivered small speeches on their teacher and other support staff in their own words. After that we also celebrated Bhavana Sharma and Tushar More’s birthday. We had cake, some snacks and tea. We also had dance with music.

  8th Sept. was Guddi Iyer’s birthday. Cake and snacks and as usual singing for her.
  18th Sept., Aastha Trust in collaboration with Thane Women’s Guild, and NGO at Thane invited all teachers, students and their parents to be a part of a specially designed program “Spandan” – a tribute to the teachers on the occasion of Teachers’ Day, at Gadkari Rangayatan, Thane. Teachers were felicitated. There was music clinic by Dr. Rahul Joshi, a music teacher, on his techniques of distressing with music. This was a interactive session. Snehalaya, was also an invitee to this programme. Teachers, parents and students were all very happy and enjoyed this programme very much.