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  lenged with control, concentration, flexibility and strength, when done regularly. At the centre we have started the sessions on a regular basis.

6th July, Thompson Stanley’s birthday was celebrated. He brought a cake and other snacks. His mother also brought some pens and pencils to distributed to the ones who are economically not well off.

  7th July, Mrs. Julie Iyer a parent who comes everyday to the centre to assist, also celebrated her birthday with the trainees. She brought a cake and vadapav (homemade)for all of them. Vadapav is what all trainees relish and that made them very happy on that day.
  13th July
Mrs. Diana Tholoor, from Bangalore, Specialist in Movements therapy, came to our centre to teach our teachers and parents. The sessions provide a series of movements which are therapeutic and help the mentally chal
  31st July, was Yashad Palekar’s Birthday. The parents brought a cake and Samosas and celebrated Yashad’s Birthday here in Snehalaya.