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On 2nd June a study trip by a public transport i.e. BEST bus was organized The trainees were educated about public transport and various points from Thane to Andher station. They all liked the travel.


On the 7th June, Prasad Vernekar’s birthday was celebrated. Prasad brought cake and snacks and distributed them to all.

  On 15th June, Ashleen the daughter of the President of K-Villa Associaton, celebrated her birthday with the trainees. She distributed cake and snacks to all.
  30th June
  On 30th June, a picnic was organized to Exotica at Yeoor. This was organized late in June because during April-May some of them were on Summer vacation. A private of 15 seater bus was engaged. 14 of our students came for the picnic and three parents were present. We had breakfast , meals and tea. We also had games and antakshari. All enjoyed the day.