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Skill Training & Personality Development
Skill Training and Personality Development is part of our activity, for the Mentally Challenged persons and also persons with other developmental disabilities.
Enhancing their vocational skills & exploring their capabilities.
Education in self grooming and elementary education.
Skill Training
Papier Maché
Para Professional Services
We make use of the services provided by National Institute of Mentally Handicapped and also other therapists around us to assist us as and when required.


Guidence & Counselling to parents

We help / guide parents to avail of government schemes.

Jobs Done
Engaged in making paper bags, cloth bags, candles, greetings cards, painting diyas, Tissue napkin, Papier Maché, Screen printing etc.
  To improve the quality of life of, and to provide a world of opportunities to Intellectually Challenged children & adults through creative and constructive activity; we also strives to provide them with life skills which will enhance their self esteem.
Give individuals with Special Needs a sense of belonging with compassion and care.
Provide paraprofessional intervention
Impart Vocational training and open avenues for job opportunities to those with potential.
Strive to integrate them into society and enable them to lead a meaningful and dignified life.