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  8th December

Magic show and games were held at our centre. Mr. Ignatius Fernandez, a local Magician was called to perform the show. He also organized some games for our students. Mr. Sanjay Magar our Asst. Teacher’s birthday was also celebrated.

  9th Dec., Enviro-Vigil, Thane organized a film festival “Aaple Paryavaran - Environmental Film Festival”. All the students of Snehalaya with their parents participated.
  23rd December
  Christmas party was held at the centre with songs, dance and games. Santa Claus was there to distribute five star to all Students. Cake, samosas and wafers were sponsored by Mrs. Divya Iyer, sister of Pooja Pande a student. Fruity, biscuits and Five star was sponsored by our Trustee, Ms Pimenta. A small Christmas tree at the premises was decorated by the students. V Std students 4 of them from Garden School, had come to volunteer at the centre.