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On 5th April, Mr. Amogh Gulwady donated a gas stove to Snehalaya as a gift on his birthday. The inauguration by made by Mrs. Alka Joshi by making candles. Soon we shall be making more candles.

  13th April, 2010

13th April, 2010 was Mrs. Sandra D’Souza ‘s birthday. She brought Cadbury chocolates to all children and the other staff. We all sang for her. Simple soul got very emotional. Sandra has been with us for the past two and half years. She has been very faithful and committed in her work at Snehalaya. ( Sandra in pink.)ss

  14th April, 2010

Mr. Sarang and Rashmi Ninawe, from Vartak Nagar, Thane (W) came over with their son Master Siddharth and their neice Baby Aliya to Snehalaya to celebrate their son’s birthday. Our children sang the birthday song. Siddharth distributed colouring books and colours like water colours and crayons to all our children. Children were all very happy.